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Welcome to Nefketeh Chapter's website!

Nefketeh Chapter is the Order of the Arrow presence in Central Florida Council's Riverside District. Nefketeh is one part of the different chapters comprising Tipisa Lodge. Our goal is to provide service for the Boy Scouts of America through the district and Council levels in a youth-run environment and promote fellowship through incredible and creative activities.

Our Chapter Meetings are held on the third Thursday of every month at the Melbourne Church of Christ off Hollywood Boulevard. Please wear a field uniform with the white arrow sash. All meetings feature a concise, informative business portion followed by breakout sessions ranging from quality training to team games. In case the Chapter Meeting has a game outside, wear an undershirt you could play in.


Untitled design_edited.jpg

Our Chapter logo represents our Chapter name "Loud Drum" with Tipisa's red tipi in the middle.

Check out more of us on our socials!
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